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The Best Travel Gifts Under $25 (That They’ll Love!)

Need to find best travel gifts under $25? This guide will give you over 50 ideas for the best gifts for travelers that they'll love, at an affordable price point!

Looking for the best travel gifts under $25? Look no further – here are over 50 awesome and affordable gifts for travelers that they’ll love!

Making a list and checking it twice? Wondering what to get that jet-setter in your life, but don’t want to break the bank? Well keep on reading, because I’ve rounded up over 50 the best travel gifts that they’re guaranteed to love – all under $25!

I had so much fun putting together this gift guide, and not gonna lie, picked up a few presents for myself as well! Hey, I’m all about the “one for you, one for me” method of shopping around here – who else is with me here?

I’ve got the best gifts for her and for him, and everything from packing essentials, handy trip must-haves, stylish home decor finds, to cute little novelty items that they’re sure to love!

Without further ado, here are over 50 of the best travel gifts – all under $25!

Happy shopping!

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Best Travel Gifts Under $25: Packing Essentials

Foldable Packing Cubes

These packing cubes will help them save space, stay organized, and pack more efficiently on their next trip. This set of 5 packing cubes are foldable for easy storage when they aren’t being use, and come in a few different colors, as well as some fun patterns. A handy, useful gift that they’re sure to thank you for! [BUY HERE]

Zipper Pouches

These handy dandy (and cute) zipper pouches will hold anything and everything from electronics, cosmetics, underwear, and more, helping keep their stuff organized. These pouches comes in pretty patterns and fun sayings, making them the perfect gift that they’ll love! [BUY HERE]

Hanging Toiletries Holder

This hanging toiletries holder is a must for any traveler, keeping all their personal care and cosmetics items organized, without cluttering up precious counter space. This one comes in a variety of both solid colors and fun patterns, making it an excellent gift for both him and her! [BUY HERE]

Passport Cover + Luggage Tag Set

They’ll love this chic passport cover and luggage tag set so much that they won’t be able to go on their next trip to show them off! These sets come in 5 classy designs (including a black set, perfect for men), each with gold foiled text stamped on them. Comes packaged in an elegant gold box, which makes it a perfect gift for any traveler in your life! [BUY HERE]

Pack This Notepad

Help them ensure that they don’t forget to bring anything on their next trip, by gifting them this handy, fun, slightly tongue-in-cheek packing list notepad. It list almost anything and everything they could possibly want to bring on their next adventure so that they don’t leave anything at home! [BUY HERE]

Travel Sized Silicone Containers

These travel sized containers are both colorful and functional, allowing them to take their favorite toiletries with them on their next trip. Comes with a variety of sizes and containers to fit their needs, and the silicone makes them leak-proof. Comes packaged in a clear zip case, which makes going through security a breeze. [BUY HERE]

Best Gifts for Travelers Under $25: Handy Electronic Necessities

Portable Power Bank

Between navigating their way around a new city, documenting their experiences, and staying connected, keeping their device from running out of juice is a must! This portable battery charger will help keep their devices powered up while they are out and about. I swear by these Anker chargers, and never travel without them! [BUY HERE]

Lighting Charging Cable

And speaking of staying connected, why not get them a fun, stylish charging cable so they can stay powered up? This lightning charging cable has a compact coiled design so that it won’t get tangled with all the other things in their bag (one of my pet peeves!), but will extend up to 6 feet. Not to mention, that metallic pink color is super cute! [BUY HERE]

Universal Power Adapter

A universal power adapter is a must for any world traveler, so that they can use their electronic devices from anywhere around the globe! This one was designed for and by travelers, and comes in a sleek, stylish case which makes it perfect for gifting. [BUY HERE]

Electronics Organizer

A must for helping them keep all of those cords, memory cards, and small electronics organized on any trip. This organizer has lots of pockets and compartments, and rolls up into a compact shape that is easy to throw into their bag or luggage. [BUY HERE]

Best Gifts for Travelers Under $25: Long Flight Essentials

Travel Pillow

They’ll be comfortable on their way to their happy place with this super cute travel pillow. The drawstring tie keeps the pillow to stay in place and allow it to stay on their luggage while moving around the airport. The cover is removable for easy cleaning so the pillow is ready for their next trip! [BUY HERE]

Gel Eye Mask

This eye mask comes with a gel pack can be cooler or warmed up for optimal comfort. It also blocks out all light completely, and comes with a set of earplugs, so they’ll be sure to get plenty of shut-eye on those long flights, or in an unfamiliar hotel room. [BUY HERE]

Carry-on Cocktail Kit

These fun kits come with everything they’ll need to mix their favorite cocktails from 30,000 feet in the air. Just order the booze, and then they can use the contents in the box to make their own Moscow Mule, Old Fashioned, Margarita, Champagne cocktail, and Bloody Mary!

Fleece Travel Blanket

Having a packable travel blanket is a must for long plane trips and car rides. This comfy fleece blanket rolls up and has a handle, making it easy to take on-the-go. Help them stay warm and toasty on those long flights (since many airlines no longer hand out blankets), train rides, or road trips! [BUY HERE]

Flexible Phone and Tablet Stand

They can easily watch content on your phone or tablet on those long flights, without having to hold their device. These are super compact and are flexible, folding into a stand. Super handy and a must for any jet-setter! [BUY HERE]

Best Travel Gifts Under $25: On-the-Go Essentials

Collapsable Water Bottle

This silicone water bottle is easy to carry, spill-proof, and BPA-free, which will help them stay hydrated on their next trip! They can collapse it to easily fit it into their bag after use, which makes it perfect for exploring a new city, or even for outdoor adventures such as hiking and biking. Comes in three stylish colors. [BUY HERE]

Reusable Shopping Bags

These reusable tote bags are a must, both at home and on the road! They fold up into a compact size, making it easy for them to throw into their bag (or even pocket), to have on hand when they decided to do some shopping. At home, they are perfect for picking up groceries and for any other shopping trips. They are super durable, holding up to 50 lbs of stuff (just in case they went a bit too crazy souvenir shopping). I keep one of these on hand at all times! Comes in several stylish designs. [BUY HERE]

Travel Umbrella

Help them be prepared for any sort of weather on their travels with this handy travel umbrella. It comes in 22 colors and designs, and it folds down into a compact size that they can easily tote around on their trips. [BUY HERE]

Best Travel Gifts Under $25: Office & Stationery

Daily Travel Planner

This cute little travel planner will help them get organized when planning their next adventure! Complete with a world map, packing list, language converter, travel tips, lined and day planner pages, and some oh-so-adorable stickers, this handy-dandy planner will help them plan the most epic trip ever! [BUY HERE]

Traveler’s Notebook

This beautifully bound leather traveler’s notebook is perfect as a travel journal, sketchbook, planner, or even as a travel scrapbook (how I use mine) – so many possibilities! [BUY HERE]

My Bucket List

This luxury travel journal will help them plan out their next adventures, giving them a road map on how to make it happen. After they cross off the items on their bucket list, they can record the highlights! Comes gorgeously bound in a black cloth, stamped with gold foil, making it a perfect display item for their coffee table. [BUY HERE]

Best Gifts for Travelers Under $25: Fun Home Decor Finds

Scratch-Off Map

This scratch-off map is a fun way to help them keep track of all the places they’ve been, and all the places they’ll go! My boyfriend actually got me one of these, and I’ve had so much fun scratching off all the places that I’ve crossed off my bucket list. This one has a beautiful watercolor map underneath the gold foil, which makes a perfect centerpiece for any room. Comes rolled up in a map-printed box, which is perfect for gift-giving. [BUY HERE]

Cork Map

There are so many ideas for how they can use this cork map – pin mementos, tiny photos, notes, ticket stubs, memorabilia and more. It will add a fun touch to any room! [BUY HERE]

Map Themed Throw Pillow Covers

These will spruce up any room without the need to buy brand new pillows. These come in a variety of map and geography themed prints, which will definitely give them a sense of wanderlust! [BUY HERE]

Map Tapestry

This giant 60″x80″ map tapestry will make a statement in any room! It will fuel their wanderlust and be a conversation starter for anyone who sees it. The perfect piece for any traveler to display in their home! [BUY HERE]

Best Travel Gifts Under $25 For the Shutterbugs

Selfie Stick Tripod

Help them capture all of their travel memories with this selfie stick that also extends into a tripod! This one is perfect for traveling because it folds up into a super compact size. I carry this one with me on every trip and it’s definitely helped me take some awesome photos of myself while solo traveling (it’s one of my secrets in taking awesome travel self-portraits!). [BUY HERE]

Clip-On Selfie Light

These handy LED lights are useful for brightening up travel selfies in low light. They can come in handy for other travel situations, such as trying to photograph food in a dark restaurant! [BUY HERE]

Clip-on Phone Lenses

These clip-on phone lenses will help them capture some awesome travel photos with just their camera phone! These lenses clip on easily to their phones, and come in a handy case that are perfect for travel. The set comes with nine different lenses, including a macro lenses, a telephoto lens, a fisheye lens, and a wide angle lens that is especially useful for travel photography! [BUY HERE]

Travel Scrapbook

Perfect for the crafty traveler in your life. Making a scrapbook is one of my favorite things to do with all of my travel photos, and they’ll have fun making their own! They’ll be super excited to document their travel memories in this beautiful, classy album. [BUY HERE]

Wooden Photo Display

What better way for them to display their favorite travel photos than on this hanging photo display? Comes with a wooden stand, twine, and clothespin that will allow them to showcase up to 30 of their favorite travel photos. [BUY HERE]

Hanging Photo Display With String Lights

And why not let them take it a step further, and let them hang their favorite travel photos with some twinkly fairy lights? They are sure to add a magical touch to any room! Comes with 100 USB/battery-powered LED lights and 100 clips for endless possibilities. [BUY HERE]

Best Travel Gifts Under $25: Travel Beauty Essentials

Travel Makeup Brush Set

This eight piece set comes with every makeup brush she could possibly need on her trips. They also come in fun colors with a pretty patterned design, and comes in a beautiful tin carrying case for easy transport. Such a perfect gift for the traveling makeup addict! [BUY HERE]

Shampoo Bars Gift Set

Shampoo bars are perfect for travel because they eliminate the need to tote around wasteful single-use plastic bottles. This beautiful gift set contains the equivalent of 1 liter of traditional shampoo and conditioner, which will last them many trips! Pretty, practical, and good for the planet. [BUY HERE]

Perfect Under $25 Travel Gifts for Her

Tri-fold Travel Wallet

Help her keep her passport, credit cards, money, boarding passes, and other documents all organized and in one place with this pretty travel wallet. This wallet comes with lots of compartments and comes in a classic envelope style that any lady will love! Comes in 35 colors so you’ll be sure to pick out her favorite as well, making it one of the best travel gifts for her! [BUY HERE]

Infinity Scarf With Hidden Pocket

This handy infinity scarf not only comes in a variety of lovely patterns and colors, it also has a nifty little hidden zipper pocket so that she can store her valuables. Stylish and clever – what could be better? [BUY HERE]

Always on Vacay Straw Hat

This fun embroidered straw hat is perfect for her next beach vacay! Nothing screams “fun” and “on vacation” like this little guy, and you’ll have her dreaming about her next beach vacay. [BUY HERE]

Macaron Jewelry Cases

These nifty cases are every bit as practical as they are cute, being useful to hold anything from jewelry to pills! One of my pet peeves is getting jewelry tangled around each other, and these are such a great solution to prevent that from happening. These are so irresistibly cute that they’ll almost want to eat them! [BUY HERE]

Layered Map Necklaces

These layered necklaces are delicate, elegant, and versatile, and will help add a worldly touch to any of her outfits. A perfect gift for any wanderlusting lady! [BUY HERE]

Awesome Travel Gifts for Him Under $25

Etched Globe Whiskey Glasses

These hand-blown crystal glasses come beautifully etched with a world map and make a refined gift. He will definitely lose his eyes and imagine himself off in a far away place as they sip his whiskey out of these. [BUY HERE]

Bottle Cap Map

Perfect for the wanderlusting beer addict in your life, this US map will allow him to display 51 of his favorite beer bottle caps. A fun way for him to keep track of the beers he tries on his US travels – and a fun decor piece for any room! [BUY HERE]

Best Gifts for Travelers Under $25: Wanderlust Inspiring Books

Travel Coloring Book

This coloring book will not only fuel their wanderlust, it will also get their creative juices going and help them relax – did you know that coloring books have been proven to promote mindfulness and relaxation? This book contains line drawings of 100 epic places taken from Lonely Planet’s bucket list, including the Grand Canyon, Taj Mahal, Great Wall of China, Machu Picchu, Great Barrier Reef, Angkor Wat, Uluru, Eiffel Tower, and many more. [BUY HERE]

I Was Here Travel Journal

I Was Here is part journal, part guided travel book. Its colorfully illustrated pages are filled with prompts that encourage travelers to discover the easily overlooked details on a trip. This is sure to help them find places and experience things they never would have discovered otherwise! [BUY HERE]

The Book of Everything

This fun, light-hearted book is filled with infographics that will give you tons of fun facts about anywhere you want to go! Learn how to wear a kilt, kiss a stranger, eat a lobster, predict the weather, and more – they’ll be sure to learn something new! [BUY HERE]

Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel Book

They’ll find plenty to add to their travel list after flipping through this book, which is Lonely Planet’s ultimate bucket list of the 500 best places to see in the world. Filled with both must-see mega-sights such as the Eiffel Tower and Taj Mahal, along with lesser-known hidden gems, this book is a must on every traveler’s bookshelf! [BUY HERE]

The Bucket List: 1000 Adventures Big & Small

They will add plenty to add to their travel bucket list after flipping through this beautifully photographed book. A must for any traveler, The Bucket List contains 1000 adventures suited for all ages, proving that it’s never too late to start traveling! They are sure to be inspired to plan their next adventure immediately after looking through this book. [BUY HERE]

More Perfect Gifts for Travelers Under $25

Travel Fund Box

You can help them save their pennies for their next adventure by gifting them this adorable wooden money bank. After they return from their trip, they can even display their mementos in it, because it also doubles as a shadow box. [BUY HERE]

Adventure Mug

Perfect for all travelers and adventurers! I thought that this “adventure is out there” design is perfect for any kind of travel addict, but there is also an “the outdoors are calling” version for the outdoor lover in your life, and a “hit the road” design for the road trip lover. Perfect for them to drinking coffee at home and dream of their next adventure, or for a camping trip! [BUY HERE]

Anywhere Travel Guide

This collection of 75 cards will encourage them to see things differently while discovering both new and familiar places. Filled with unique and whimsical prompts which will inspire them keep exploring, wherever they are! [BUY HERE]

What are some of your ideas for the best travel gifts under $25? Shout them out in the comments!

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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase or booking, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

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