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50+ Perfect Paris Gifts for the Paris Lover in Your Life | Chic + Unique Paris Themed Gifts for Paris Lovers

Looking for the best and most unique Paris gifts? You’ll find plenty of ideas for Paris themed gifts in this guide – there’s something for everyone!

With its beautiful historical architecture, world-class museums and attractions, and incredible cuisine, Paris is one of the most visited cities in the world (the second most, in fact). So, chances are that you know someone in your life who is in love with the City of Lights. And, if you’re reading this, then you may be looking for ideas for the best Paris gifts to get them.

As someone who is a self-proclaimed Paris lover (it’s one of my all-time favorite cities to visit), I had fun putting together this list of Paris themed gifts. Included are Paris themed gifts for her, gifts for him, gifts for couples, gifts on a budget, and luxury gifts for Paris lovers.

I scoured the web to find the fun, chic, and unique Paris gifts, that I’d actually want for myself (and ended up getting myself a few things because, you know, one for me, one for you…).

There’s everything from Paris themed apparel, home decor, personalized Paris gifts, pastries and desserts, beauty products, books…the list goes on and on. Seriously, there’s something for every Paris lover in this guide!

Looking for the best Paris gifts for the Paris lover in your life? Keep on reading for over 50 ideas for Paris themed gifts!

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50 Perfect Paris Gifts | Chic + Unique Paris Themed Gifts for Paris Lovers

Paris Skyline LEGO Kit

They’ll be able to build their own miniature Paris skyline out of LEGOs with this awesome set! It includes the Eiffel Tower, as well as mini versions of some other iconic monuments in Paris. Also available is this larger Eiffel Tower model, Arc de Triomphe, and the Louvre. These make some of the best Paris gifts for both adults and kids (because who doesn’t love LEGOs?!)!

Eiffel Tower Couple Pebble Art by thepebbleart

This is one of the best Paris gifts for couples who call Paris their favorite city, or even perhaps got engaged there. This is a handmade piece of art created with pebbles and shells. Each piece is made to order, and can be personalized in a number of ways. A frame is also included. One of the most original and special Paris themed gifts!

Paris Map Necklace by AtlasAdrift

This gorgeous necklace is one of the most unique Paris gifts – its design features a laser cut map of the city. Made out of 18 karat gold with impeccable detail. Your Paris lover is going to absolutely LOVE this piece!

Take Me to Paris T-Shirt by SuperPrintShop

For when you wish you could take them to Paris but can’t, this gift is the next best thing. This minimalist chic tee spells out “take me to Paris” in simple block letters. Available in white, black, or grey in both women’s and unisex sizes, making it one of the best Paris themed gifts for both him and her. If you think they might like something more tongue-in-cheek, also check out this “This Ain’t Paris” tee.

*Name* in Paris Personalized mug by BurningRoom

This personalized mug is inspired by the hit show Emily in Paris and is a perfect gift for fans of the show – or simply anyone who loves Paris!

Paris Letters by JaniceMacLeodStudio

These Paris letters are the project of Janice MacLeod, who escaped the confines of her corporate job in LA to realize her dream of living in Paris. Soon after she uses her passion for art and writing to fund her Paris dreams, by writing a blog about her time in the city and selling hand-written letters.

Each of the letters depict a scene out of her life in Paris, and come with a watercolor painting. She later turned her story about her life in Paris and her letter project into a best-selling book.

MacLeod still sells her letters, and they are one of the best gifts for Paris lovers (they’d be perfect framed as pieces of art)! You can choose from a single letter, a set, or even a subscription.

Eiffel Tower Bookmark by bykauri

One of the best Paris themed gifts for bookworms! They will think of their favorite city as they get lost in their new favorite book. This unique bookmark is handmade with copper wire. One of the most unique Eiffel Tower gifts!

Paris Skyline Necklace by MissDiary

They will definitely be reminded of their favorite city every time they wear this necklace! This brass necklace has a design of the Paris skyline, featuring some of its most iconic sights (i.e. the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and more). A simple, elegant piece and a unique way to display their love for Paris!

Eiffel Tower Decor Statue

This replica Eiffel Tower centerpiece will help remind them of Paris every time they look at it! This statue is the perfect decor piece for anyone who loves Paris, and is available in multiple sizes from 7″-24″. Available in several finishes including bronze, rose gold, black, gold, and silver. One of the best Eiffel Tower gifts!

Eiffel Tower Keychain by GuacAmayasArtisan

An Eiffel Tower keychain might just be one of those super cliche Paris gifts, but hey, they’re popular for a reason (buying one should be on everyone’s Paris bucket list). This one has the classic Eiffel Tower silhouette, with some sparkle, that will be sure to remind them of the beautiful light show on the real thing!

Eiffel Tower Key Ring w/ Initial by UniquelyBirr

Here’s another Eiffel Tower keychain, but with a more personal touch. This keyring comes with an Eiffel Tower charm, as well as a Swarovski birthstone gem, and personalized initial. Comes packaged in a beautiful gift box.

Eiffel Tower Snow Globe

Maybe another cliche gift, but still one of the best Paris gifts! I personally love collecting snow globes from different cities. This Paris snow globe features the Eiffel Tower, with other iconic Paris monuments surrounding it (i.e. the Arc de Triomphe, Sacre Coeur, Notre Dame, the Louvre). One of the perfect gifts for Paris lovers, to help remind them of their favorite city!

Paris Paint-by-Numbers Kit

One of the best Paris gifts for those artistic types! They will be able to create their own masterpiece by painting this Paris scene. All they have to do is paint by number! Makes a perfect decor piece as well. Includes a canvas with numbered design, 6 brushes, and a set of acrylic paints.

Classic Beret + Scarf

A must-have accessory for any Paris lover and the quintessential Parisian accessory! One of the perfect gifts for Paris lovers because she can pretend she’s walking down the streets of Paris every time she wears this classic beret.

Available in lots of colors, so you can be sure to choose her favorite one (or the one to match her favorite outfit)! Also comes with a classic scarf for a classic Parisian look.

Paris Cutting Board by WeddingGiftBoutique

This cutting board is one of the most gorgeous Paris themed gifts! Beautifully handcrafted and engraved with a scene of the Eiffel Tower and Pont Alexandre III. You can personalize with their name(s), and any relevant dates (i.e. wedding or anniversary).

Macaron Jewelry Cases

These nifty cases are every bit as practical as they are cute, being useful to hold anything from jewelry to pills, making them one of the best Paris themed gifts! One of my pet peeves is getting jewelry tangled around each other. These are such a great solution to prevent that from happening. These are so irresistibly cute that they’ll almost want to eat them too!

Paris Map Whiskey Glass by WellTold

This classy whiskey glass is one of the best Paris gifts for men! Beautifully etched with a map of the city streets and neighborhoods of Paris. He will be thinking of his favorite city every time he drinks out of this glass!

L’Occitane Hand Cream Gift Set

Technically, L’Occitane is from Provence, but they have such a presence in Paris that I tend to associate it with Paris. Anyways, they make the BEST hand creams, and are some of the best Paris themed gifts! I always have one of them on me. My hands are super soft and thank me for that! This gift set comes with a trio of their best-selling hand creams, made from ethically sourced and organic ingredients. Comes in this pretty floral tin, making it a perfect gift!

Paris Charms Bangle Bracelet by SwedishBeautyDesign

She will think back of her last Paris trip fondly whenever she wears this bracelet. This minimalist bangle bracelet comes with an Eiffel Tower and airplane charm, along with a personalized initial and birthstone gem. A pretty piece that makes one of the best Paris gifts!


Macarons Subscription Box

Macarons make the perfect Paris gifts, because what dessert screams Paris like macarons do? While these macarons are technically produced in California, they are handcrafted by French pastry chefs. Each month, they will receive 12 macarons, 2 each of 6 seasonal flavors. They’ll be dreaming of Paris as they bite into these delicious treats!

Eiffel Tower 3D Puzzle

This fun 216 piece puzzle will help them create a miniature model of the Eiffel Tower! The puzzle also comes with a base board, so they can proudly display it and use it as a decor piece after completion. Comes with LED lights so that it can sparkle, just like the real thing! One of the best Paris gifts and Eiffel Tower gifts!

Paris is Always a Good Idea CHLOEANDMAYFAIR

Perfect for them to tote around all their essentials on their next trip to Paris…or to tote their essentials at home while dreaming about Paris. A classic canvas tote bag. Super versatile, and perfect for everything from groceries, a beach bag, gym bag, or everyday bag.

Paris Map Coasters by DrinkingModern

This set of six coasters come imprinted with a map of the Paris Metro system. They’ll be reminded of their favorite stops in Paris! Made of white birch and a soft cork.

Paris in Color 

This coffee table book is a collection of photographs shot in Paris, all arranged by color and focusing on the delicious details that celebrate the beauty of Paris. Robertson has a phenomenal eye, and is adept at seeking out the little details that most others miss.

Flipping through the photos in this book will inspire them to take more time to find and photograph all the little nooks and crannies of Paris on their next trip. This is one of the best Paris gifts for color, design, and photography lovers! (You can also find notecards inspired by the book).

Paris is Calling Tee/Tank/Hoodie

Perfect for the one who is always being called by Paris. Choose from a tank top, T-shirt, sweatshirt, or hoodie. Available in Unisex sizes, as well as kids’ and toddler sizes. Lots of different color options available, so you can choose the perfect one to suit them!

Illustrated Paris Mug by litocraft

This whimsy coffee mug features illustrated images of some of the most iconic sights and motifs found all around Paris, including the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, macarons, metro signs, and more. One of the perfect Paris gifts for the one who is always dreaming of Paris!

Paris Wall/Desk Calendar by southseastudio

This Paris themed calendar also doubles as a beautiful piece of art. Each page includes a gorgeous photo of Paris.

Eiffel Tower Wine Glasses

Perfect for Paris lovers who are also wine enthusiasts! These wine glasses also have a pewter Eiffel Tower stem. One of the perfect Paris gifts to help them toast to their next trip to the City of Lights!

Eiffel Tower Bottle Stopper

A gorgeous, eye-catching Eiffel Tower shaped wine stopper that is one of the perfect Paris gifts for wine lovers! This is a high-quality, heavyweight bottle stopper that has a beautiful Eiffel Tower design. Also perfect as dinner party favors or as a hostess gift.

Paris Map iPhone Case by JoyMerrymanStore

This vintage inspired phone case is one of the perfect gifts for Paris lovers! This sleek iPhone case will protect their phone from dirt, oil, dust, and scratches. Features a map of Paris with cute illustrated icons of some of the most famous landmarks in the city, including the Eiffel Tower, Sacre Couer, Notre Dame, and more. A variety sizes for different phone models are available.

Paris 3D Wooden Poster by WoodMakerdeco

This is one of the best one-of-a-kind Paris gifts! This beautiful wooden poster depicts the landmarks making up the Paris skyline, including the Eiffel Tower, Sacre Couer, Notre Dame, the Louvre, and Arc de Triomphe. Each layer of high-quality birch wood is laser cut with meticulous detail. The result is a stunning piece of wall art that they will be proud to display!

CDG Airport Code Throw Pillow by YHMDesigns

This airport code throw pillow will have them dreaming of the next time they fly to Paris! Comes in a graphic, bold design, inspired by airline colors. Imprinted with CDG, the airport code for Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris’s main airport.

Ladurée Savoir Vivre: The Art of Fine Living

Laduree is one of those iconic Parisian establishments, and arguably the most famous macaron shop and teahouse in the city. This is from their series of lifestyle and entertaining books. If they love Laduree macarons, then they will LOVE this book!

Filled with stunning commissioned photographs and illustrations, this book is full of tips and inspiration on how to live the French way. They can learn how to have breakfast the Laduree way, be a perfect host, pack for stylish travel, and much more.

Pierre Hermé Macarons: The Ultimate Recipes from the Master Pâtissier

Along with Laduree, Pierre Herme also has the reputation for having the best macarons in Paris (some say that they’re even better). This book is one of the perfect gifts for Paris lovers who also LOVE desserts! The definite guide to macarons, this book contains 60 elegantly photographed recipes, and the secrets of what makes Herme’s macarons some of the best in the world.

Paris Love T-Shirt by atolyeTEE

This cute tee is one of the best Paris gifts for those who call Paris their “amour.” Imprinted with a whimsy pastel colored illustration of the Eiffel Tower, and Parisian style houses. Printed onto a super soft Bella Canvas tee.

Eiffel Tower Sheets

These adorable Eiffel Tower themed bedsheets will have them dreaming of Paris every time they sleep in them! This 4-piece soft microfiber sheet set is imprinted with a whimsy Eiffel Tower print. Perfect for adding a touch of Paris to their bedroom!

Paris Metallic Map Print by SpottedOctopusShop

This beautifully printed metallic map of Paris will add an elegant touch to their space! Choose from gold foil, silver, or rose gold on either white or black. Hand printed on matte paper, that creates an embossed effect. Available in multiple sizes, so you can select the one that is perfect for them!

French Language Flash Cards

These flash cards are one of the best gifts for Paris lovers because it will help them brush up on their French before their next trip to Paris! This set includes 60 flash cards with the most essential French words and phrases, that will be handy for their next trip.

Also includes phonetic pronunciations, and uses the best techniques in language acquisitions so that they can easily master the French basics. Comes in a stylish portable box, making them perfect for gifting!

Champere Tote Bag by TSTDesignsStore

This is the perfect tote bag for fans of the show Emily in Paris – or for someone who simply loves both Paris AND champagne! Printed on sturdy white canvas, it is perfect for carrying books, groceries, or even a few bottles of champagne.

Paris is Always a Good Idea Tee by TellaTees

One of the best Paris themed gifts for people who think Paris is always a good idea! Imprinted in a scripty font, with an Eiffel Tower emblem. Lots of color options available!

Eiffel Tower Lamp

One of the best decor pieces for Paris lovers, and makes a perfect gift! This 14″ table lamp has an Eiffel Tower shaped base. Adds an elegant, modern, and chic touch to any Paris lover’s space, making this one of the best Paris themed gifts.

Paris Refrigerator Magnet Set

These magnets make the perfect Paris themed gifts or stocking stuffers! Each are printed with a colorful vintage design. You can give the whole set to one Paris lover, or split them up and give them to several of your Paris loving friends!

Paris Wood Wall Clock by OlimpiClocks

This beautiful wooden wall clock makes the perfect centerpiece for any room and is one of the perfect gifts for Paris lovers! Handcrafted from eco-friendly birch wood. Laser-cut to perfection and equipped with premium mechanics, using a silent quarzt mechanism.

Tasting Paris: 100 Recipes to Eat Like a Local: A Cookbook

One of the best gifts for Paris lovers who are also foodies! They’ll be able to recreate their favorite Parisian foods at home using the recipes in this cookbook. With 100 recipes, and 125 stunning photographs that will have them salivating!

Features classic French recipes, such as Roast Chicken with Herbed Butter and Croutons, and Profiteroles, as well as newer dishes that reflect the way Parisians eat today, such as Ratatouille Pita Sandwich with Chopped Eggs and Tahini Sauce and Spiralized Zucchini Salad with Peach and Green Almonds.

Paris is Always a Good Idea by MintChocolateDesigns

If they think that Paris is ALWAYS a good idea, then they’re going to love this mug! Printed with a classic font onto a high-gloss ceramic mug. A classy every day mug, so they can think of Paris every time they sip their morning coffee!

Paris Scarf

This pretty chiffon scarf has illustrations of the Eiffel Tower and other iconic landmarks in Paris, with a watercolor look. Also included is a greeting card to let your recipient know how much you care about them, making this one of the best Paris themed gifts! The company’s mission is to help people reconnect, strengthen relationships, be authentic, and share their love and kindness.

Paris Sweatshirt by 7Sages

The perfect sweatshirt for them to proudly display their love for their favorite city! Spells out Paris in bold, block letters. Choose from 10 different colors in a crewneck or hoodie style. Available in unisex sizes, making this one of the perfect Paris gifts for both men and women!

Secret Paris Coloring Book

It is said that adult coloring books help people relax and relieve stress – this Paris version makes one of the best gifts for Paris lovers! Its pages are filled with various scenes and items found all over Paris. They will have fun daydreaming about their favorite city while coloring and melting their stress away!

Harney & Sons Paris Black Tea

This flavored black tea was created in homage to Paris, and makes one of the perfect Paris gifts for tea lovers! It is a medium-bodied fruity black tea with vanilla and caramel flavors, and a hint of lemony Bergamot. Smells like an Earl Grey, with hints of black currant, and a sweet aroma.

Paris Print Tea Towel by GooseberryDesigns

This pretty Paris themed tea towel features illustrations of some of the most iconic sights in Paris. Made of 100% cotton in a vintage stripe style and printed with eco-friendly water based inks.

Eiffel Tower Necklace by HeavenlyCharmed

This simple but super pretty necklace features an Eiffel Tower charm strung through a beautiful heart lariat. The perfect jewelry piece for the woman who absolutely loves Paris! Also comes with the option of adding a birthstone or initial charm for an added personal touch.

Eiffel Tower Shower Curtain

Eiffel Tower Throw Blanket

French Macaron Soaps Gift Set by EHDBathandBeauty

Paris is Always a Good Idea Journal

Paris Cityscape Ring by VermeilSupplies

Paris Watercolor Postcard Set by AnnieMontgomeryDesig

Vintage Paris Mini Notebooks Set

What are some of your favorite Paris gifts? Throw out your best Paris themed gifts in the comments!

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