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Paris Dessert Guide: Where to Eat the Best Pastries and Sweets

Wondering where to find the best Paris desserts? Keep on reading to find out where to find the most scrumptious sweet treats in the city!

If you’ve looking for the best Paris desserts, then you’re in the right place! I’ve consumed an endless amount of croissants, macarons, éclairs, choux à la crème, and alllll the sweet things all around Paris to find the best desserts in the city.

It was hard work but, hey, someone’s gotta do it, am I right?

If you’ve got a sweet tooth like me and are planning a trip to Paris, then you’re in for a treat! Below, I’ve rounded up all the best places to find the tastiest, most scrumptious Paris desserts.


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Where to Eat the Best Paris Desserts

Blé Sucré

My first time in Paris, I visited with my ex-boyfriend who was a croissant snob…right down to the fact that he would obnoxiously correct me every time I didn’t pronounce it kwah-sahn with a perfect French accent (mmm…yeah, anyone wonder why it didn’t work out between us?). 

Anyways, he read that Blé Sucré had the best croissants in Paris, so we made it our first stop….only to stroll up to it and find out that they were closed for the week. 

When I made it back to Paris two years later (without pretentious kwah-sahn ex-boyfriend), I knew that I would have to make a stop at Blé Sucré to find out if it indeed had the best croissant in the city.

The verdict? The best croissant I’ve ever had in my LIFE. They are perfectly buttery, and so, sooooo flaky – you can practically hear it as you bite into it. 

Blé Sucré is located in the 12th arrondissement, which is a bit far out from the city center, but it is soooo worth the trek. They tend to run out – by the time I got there, they ran out of plain croissants and I got a pain au chocolat instead.

They are also known to have amazing madelines as well – definitely going to try one next time I’m in Paris!

Address: 7 Rue Antoine Vollon, 75012 Paris
Hours: Tuesday-Saturday: 7am-7:30pm; Sunday: 7am-1:30pm; closed Mondays

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L’Éclair de Génie

And speaking of Paris dessert places that were on my list but never made it to on my first trip…I had seen photos of the beautiful éclairs from L’Éclair de Génie on Instagram and decided I HAD to get my hands on one (or two…or three). Unfortunately, with only 2 days in Paris, I never was quite able to find the time or stomach space to fit it in.

It was perhaps my biggest regret from my first Paris trip, which was otherwise a success. My second time in Paris, my list of things I wanted to do in the city went like: 1. get an éclair from L’Éclair de Génie, 2. eat more Paris desserts, 3. is there even really anything else left to do in the city?

When I finally made it to L’Éclair de Génie, I spent a while staring at the display case, admiring all the colorful creations in front of me – seriously, the éclairs here are like edible works of art. Plus, the flavors all sounded amazing to me – everything from the modern (apricot cheesecake, rose lychee), to the traditional (pistachio, hazelnut praline).

How was I going to pick just one? While I would’ve loved to just say “one of each, please!,” my stomach (I had been roaming the city eating Paris desserts all day long, after all) and wallet (these puppies aren’t cheap – about €6 each) said otherwise.

In the end, I selected the yuzu citron éclair, in part because I find myself gravitating to anything yuzu flavored lately. It was an excellent choice – the citrus flavor packs a punch and is intensely zesty, but balances well with the creaminess. L’Éclair de Génie translates into “the genius éclair,” and well, I found that to be the perfect description.

They have a selection of flavors that are available year-round, as well as rotating seasonal varieties as well. I’ve also heard that the salted butter caramel, passion fruit, and praline noisette (hazelnut praline) are its most popular flavors.

Definitely need to make it back here to try more of these genius éclairs!

Address and Hours: multiple locations – see here

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When I polled my friends (and my Instagram followers) for recommendations before my first Paris trip, nearly everyone said I *needed* to get the hot chocolate at Angelina. 

One sip of that decadent hot chocolate (or le chocolat chaud) later, I’ve now joined them in recommending Angelina to anyone and everyone who asks me for Paris recommendations (including you, dear reader).

Angelina has been in Paris for over 120 years now, and while it’s definitely one of the most touristy Paris dessert places, it’s a favorite of Parisians as well. Heck, even Coco Chanel and Audrey Hepburn were said to have been Angelina fan.

Even if you aren’t usually a hot chocolate fan (as I usually am not), Angelina is worth trying anyway. My perception of hot chocolate tends to be that runny, watery powdered stuff that I’ve had on camping trips, but this is definitely not that.

In fact, I would consider Angelina’s version of hot chocolate to be drinking chocolate – it’s rich, decadent, and flavorful. Think of a fancy dark chocolate bar that’s been melted down into a drinkable form – it has layers of complex flavors that unfold with every sip.

If you’re not in the mood for hot chocolate, they have a frozen version as well. Having had both, the hot version is much better.

Angelina is a traditional French tea house, so they also serve light bites and pastries as well, along with an afternoon tea service. If you try just one other thing, make it the Mont Blanc, which is their signature pastry and has a perfect kind-of-crunchy yet super creamy texture.

The location on 226 Rue de Rivoli is the original, but they have several locations throughout the city (and even one inside Versailles) – no excuse to not make a stop while in Paris!

Address: 226 Rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris; other locations here
Hours: Monday-Thursday: 7:30am-7pm; Friday: 7:30am-7:30pm; Friday-Saturday: 8:30am-7:30pm

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Even if you’ve never been to Paris, chances are you’ve heard of Ladurée – their macarons are world famous! So famous that they now have over 100 locations spread throughout the world.

But it all started in Paris and in my opinion, you definitely need to try it where it all started. When I went to Ladurée on my first trip to Paris, I declared it my favorite macaron of all-time….but when I’ve had the macarons at Ladurée in the states, they just haven’t been the same.

The shells here are the perfect texture, crispy but soft, and the fillings are bold and flavorful. I find that the fillings at many macaron shops are disappointing because they are too subtle or overly sweet (or both) – this is not the case at Ladurée.

And speaking of flavors, they come in an array of them, from the more traditional to the modern, so they’re something that suits everyone’s taste. My favorites were the lime basil, pistachio, and the Marie Antoinette, which has a black tea filling with hints of rose petals, citrus, and honey.

Not only that, they are soooo pretty to look at – rows and rows of colorful macarons will greet you as you walk into the Ladurée boutique (seriously, it’s one of the most Instagrammable places in Paris). Plus, they come packaged in the most beautiful gift box – I’ve kept my boxes even after the macarons were long gone.

They have 13 locations throughout the city (and some airport locations), but the one on Champs-Élysées is their flagship – and the busiest. You will likely encounter a line out the door at this location, but no worries, it moves pretty fast. If you’re hungry, this location also has a tea room, with light bites, pastries, coffee and tea, and afternoon tea service.

Address and hours: multiple locations – see here

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Du Pain et des Idées

There’s a good boulangerie on practically every street corner in Paris, so there’s no need to travel across town for one….right?

Well…unless it’s as good as Du Pain et des Idées.

Like Blé Sucré, Du Pain et des Idées a bit off the main tourist area, but tourists and locals alike flock to it because it’s THAT good. So good, that owner Christophe Vasseur has won multiple awards for being the best boulanger (or baker) in Paris.

Vasseur actually has an interesting backstory – he worked in fashion until, at the age of 32, he decided to make a big career change and bake bread instead. 

At Du Pain et des Idées, Vasseur focuses on using fresh ingredients and traditional techniques. The results are absolutely irresistible breads and pastries that many cross town to get their hands on. Even local chefs come here for the goods here!

Pretty much everything at Du Pain et des Idées is delicious, but the best of them all is the escargot chocolat pistache, or chocolate pistachio escargot. The pastry resembles the shell of a snail, and is filled with layers of flaky, buttery dough swirled with pistachio filling and bits of chocolate. 

One bite and you’ll be hooked. Seriously one of the best things I’ve ever eaten in Paris.

The escargots come in a few other seasonal flavors, and the chausson aux pommes (apple turnovers) come highly recommended as well.

Address: 34 Rue Yves Toudic, 75010 Paris 
Hours: Monday-Friday 7am-7:30pm

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Along with macarons, the latest Paris dessert craze to hit the city are the choux à la crème (or cream puffs), and Popelini makes some of the best of them all! 

Appropriately named after the Italian inventor of the chou pastry, Popelini sells bite-sized pieces of cream-filled heaven. Upon walking into Popelini, you will be greeted with rows of these adorable, colorful, sweet little morsels. 

Popelini’s collection features 15 different flavors. These range from the classic: dark chocolate, Madagascar vanilla, coffee; to the more adventurous, like a rose and raspberry, and pistachio and cherry. The choux à la crème here are made with only the finest premium ingredients, such as Thiecerlin rose water, l’Or des Prés crème fraiche, and Valrhona chocolate. 

Because they are bite-sized, I suggest getting a few flavors. They aren’t exactly cheap (they run about €2 each), but it is fun to sample a few! Plus, the tiny size means that you won’t have to feel guilty about having more than one. 😉

I tried the rose and raspberry, and the salted caramel. Both were delicious – the rose had the perfect flavor and balanced perfectly with the creaminess of the filling, and the caramel had the ideal combination of salty and sweet.

They have four locations throughout the city, so be sure to stop into one for a little snack while you are in Paris!

Address and hours: multiple locations – see here

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I apparently could not get enough choux à la crème while in Paris, so I also had to make a stop at Odette.

Like Popelini, Odette also makes adorable little bite-sized morsels of creamy goodness. Odette was opened in 2013 by Frédéric Berthy, who quit his corporate job and followed his dream of opening a pastry shop. Berthy didn’t care for macarons much, so he decided to make choux à la crème instead. The shop is named after his grandmother.

If you can, visit the location in the Latin Quarter, which is tucked into a tiny cobble-stoned street, right behind the famous Shakespeare & Co. bookstore. This location has a pretty vintage vibe, with a black & white checkerboard floor and Art Deco details. Otherwise, they also have a kiosk near the Le Halles mall, not too far from the Louvre.

Whichever location you stop into, you must have a taste of at least one (preferably more!) of these little treats. Their flavors include passion fruit, green tea, coffee, and even more festive ones like champagne!

Address: 77 Rue Galande, 75005 Paris
Hours: Tuesday-Thursday: 11am-7:30pm; Friday-Monday: 9am-7:30pm

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Breizh Café

Oh sure, you can grab crêpes from a vendor on just about on just about any street in Paris. But the ones from Breizh Café are unique because they are of the buckwheat variety that are popular in Brittany (technically, they are called galettes de blé noir).

Breizh Café combines the best of organic French ingredients (butter, buckwheat, and caramel from Brittany), with a bit of Japanese flair (yuzu, ginger, the occasional seaweed filling). The ingredients are really the star here, and they shine with every bite you take of yours delicious crêpe.

Maybe Breizh Café is the most un-Parisian crêperie you will find in the city (it’s owned by a Breton who once lived in Japan), but the sweet crêpes here are one of the best Paris desserts you’ll eat.

You can get savory crêpes here, but whatever you do, you must also get a sweet crêpe to go along with it! You can’t go wrong with any of the ones that have salted caramel on it – we had a pear and salted caramel one and it was divine. 

Breizh Café is in the middle of the bustling Le Marais neighborhood and is always packed with people, so plan accordingly.

Address: 109 Rue Vieille du Temple, 75003 Paris
Hours: 10am-11pm, daily

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Eric Kayser

You can find outposts of Eric Kayser all over Paris – but don’t mistake it for yet another mediocre chain bakery. 

It is a one-stop shop – EVERYTHING at Eric Kayser is super tasty – from the baguettes, croissants, cakes, and more. It can be hard to choose, because they have a pretty big selection of Paris desserts, breads, and pastries. 

I loved the little tarts here (especially the apple one) and had one every morning during my first trip to Paris. The financiers and canelés here are also supposed to be excellent as well.

The best thing about Eric Kayser is definitely the fact that there are so many locations all around the city – it’s easy to just pop in for a quick little treat, wherever you are in Paris. So many treats, so little time!

Address and hours: Multiple locations, see here

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Other Places to Eat the Best Paris Desserts

The following are places that I’ve had on my Paris dessert list, but haven’t made it to (yet):

Pierre Hermé

There is an endless debate in Paris about who makes the best macarons – Pierre Hermé or Ladurée. While I’ve pointed out Ladurée earlier in this article, I’ve unfortunately yet to make it to Pierre Hermé – definitely looking forward to doing my own taste test.

Address and hours: multiple locations – see here

Berthillon Glacier

Berthillon has stood on Île Saint-Louis since 1954 and is famous for having the best ice cream in Paris. 

Address: 31 rue saint louis en l’ile, 75004
Hours: Wednesday-Sunday: 10am-8pm

La Pâtisserie du Meurice par Cédric Grolet

Cédric Grolet was named world’s best pastry chef, and this is where you can get a taste of his creations. His pastries are designed to look like lifelike pieces of fruit – they aren’t cheap (about €15 a pop) but they look pretty insane.

Address: 6 Rue de Castiglione, 75001 Paris
Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 12pm-3pm

Pralus Chocolatier

I’m actually a big fan of Pralus’s dark chocolate bars – each are flavorful and complex. He also has a chocolatier slash patisserie in Paris, which is famous for its praluline, the candied nut praline brioche.

Address: 35 Rue Rambuteau, 75004 Paris
Hours: Monday-Saturday: 10am-8pm, Sunday: 10am-7pm

Sébastien Gaudard

This elegant patisserie has amazing pastries all-around, but the star here is supposed to be the lemon tart. Not only that, it has a gorgeous storefront.

Address: 22 Rue des Martyrs, 75009 Paris
Hours: Monday-Friday: 10am-8pm; Saturday: 9am-8pm; Sunday: 9am-7pm

Have you been to Paris? What are your picks for the best Paris desserts?

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So when my husband and I went to Paris for our honeymoon, we had never had a macaroon before! (lol). We tried one there and it was AMAZING. Now we have even more to try next time we are in town. Thank you for this guide!


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