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A Complete Graduate Nashville Review (w/ Tons of Photos!)

Here’s a complete, detailed Graduate Nashville review with plenty of photos to help you decide if it’s the right hotel for you! If you ever wondered if it’s worth it to stay at this super adorable, highly Instagrammable, Dolly Parton-themed boutique hotel, then keep on reading…

The Graduate Nashville may just be the cutest hotel I’ve stayed in.

If you know me, you know that I LOVE colorful, quirky boutique hotels with fun decor. Well, this property was exactly that and more! It was so pink, so fun, and so kitschy that I absolutely fell in love!

One thing I love about the Graduate Hotels brand is that they put a lot of effort into the details, taking inspiration from not only the nearby college campuses themselves, but also the culture of the towns and community. 

That means that you’ll find cues inspired by Southern charm and country music, with plenty of nods to the legendary Dolly Parton. While she isn’t affiliated with the hotel, you’ll find plenty of tributes to the country music icon all throughout the property.

In addition, the property is filled with plenty of quirky decor featuring bright colors, especially bright pink. It’s definitely one of the most Instagrammable places in Nashville, and is such a cool place to stay for a girls’ trip or weekend getaway!

However, the hotel isn’t for everyone. While there’s a lot that I loved about the property, I also can see why it wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea. So the question is – is it the right hotel for you?

Here is my complete Graduate Nashville review, with everything you want to know about staying at this adorable property. I’ll go over the pros and cons, share plenty of pics, and tell you all about the full experience!

Just a little disclaimer – I had the opportunity to work with the Graduate Hotels on a collaboration, and they flew me out to stay at a few of their properties. Nashville was by far my favorite. 

I loved it so much that I just *had* to write a blog post about it, because I genuinely enjoyed my stay so much! They aren’t paying me or requiring me to write this in any way, I just wanted to share the awesomeness of the hotel with you because I honestly did love it.

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A Few Things to Know About the Graduate Nashville…

Where to Book

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First Impressions

  • The decor and vibe here are unmatched: It is *HIGHLY* Instagrammable, and that’s a huge selling point. I, for once, could not resist snapping a million photos during my stay. Every single detail is thought out carefully, and there’s unique art and decor pieces throughout the property. You’ll find colorful art, pretty Southern accents, and odes to country music all around.
  • It’s *very* popular for bachelorette parties: Nashville as a whole is a popular destination for bachelorettes and girls’ weekends, and many of them end up at the Graduate at some point, whether it’s to stay here, hang out at White Limozeen, or take photos in the lobby. Therefore, you’ll likely see a bunch of cowboy boots-clad woo girls here. Take that as you will – that can be a plus or a turn-off, depending on what you’re looking for.
  • It’s located a bit away from the main attractions: The hotel is located in the West End, near Vanderbilt University. That means you’ll be situated a bit away from the main Nashville attractions like Broadway. It’s about 1.5 miles away, so it’s not *that* far away but it’s not a quick walk there either. This can be good or bad depending on your preferences.
  • Set aside some time to actually hang out at the hotel: Staying here is an experience. There are so many cool spaces to hang out in, and so much to look at, so spend some time actually taking advantage of them! I know, I know, it can be hard to find downtime when you’re planning a jam-packed itinerary, but trust me, you’ll want to set aside a bit of time to actually hang out here.
  • Download the app: I didn’t realize this at the time of the stay, but Graduate Hotels has an app you can download to your phone. It includes an augmented reality experience so you can learn more about the decor inspirations and the art that you’re looking at. Pretty cool!

The Vibe 

An eclectic mashup of Southern charm, Barbie pink, and country music twang. 

You’ll find nods to country music icons, most notably Dolly Parton, pretty Southern florals, colorful retro art pieces, over-the-top chandeliers, and more.

The overall vibe is upbeat, sure to set the tone for a fun Nashville getaway.

The Graduate Nashville is perfect for…

  • Bachelorette parties and girls’ trips: I mean, it was MADE for this, from the Instagrammale decor, rooftop bar and pool, and cute guest rooms.
  • Couples: I think it would be perfect for a fun couples’ weekend in the Music City! It’s not a *romantic* hotel, but it sure is fun!
  • Solo travelers: I stayed here on a solo trip, and while it wasn’t nearly as fun as coming for a girls’ trip, I still enjoyed my stay! There’s lots of common spaces for hanging out and the rooms are comfortable and quiet.
  • Instagram enthusiasts: Every inch of the hotel is highly Instagrammable, so if you love Insta-worthy places then this is the perfect hotel for you!
  • Dog lovers: Pets are welcome for a  $75 fee per night, and I loved seeing the staff here get so excited every time they encountered a furry friend!

The Complete Graduate Nashville Review


The Graduate Hotel is located in the West End neighborhood of Nashville, about 1.5 miles from Broadway. That’s about a 30 minute walk or a quick Uber ride. I walked in the daytime, but I would definitely take an Uber back at night.

The location can either be a selling point or a con, depending on what your preferences are. Personally, I didn’t want to be near all the craziness of Broadway. So, it was nice to be a bit further away but also close enough that I could get there easily.

However, if you’re planning to spend a lot of time on Broadway and prefer to stay somewhere that’s a quick walk, then the location might be annoying for you.

Check-in and Welcome Area

The hotel is housed in a relatively plain brick building. However, once you walk in you’ll immediately be greeted with an explosion of color and quirky design.

On the right, you’ll see a little sitting area, with hundreds of small framed watercolor paintings on the wall. These paintings feature a variety of botanic plants, which is a nod to the fact that Vanderbilt is a certified Level II Arboretum.

But what will really catch your eye as you walk in is the giant tapestry of Minnie Pearl, a comedian who graced the stage at the Grand Ole Opry for over 50 years. This sits behind the check-in counter, which is also meant to resemble a vintage stereo cabinet, an ode to Nashville’s music scene.

Check-in was quick and easy. I found the staff to be super friendly, and they always greeted me with a smile everytime I encountered them during my stay. They were always ready and willing to accommodate any need that I had, and eager to help however they can.

I arrived on a redeye flight, so I checked in in the morning. I was ready to just leave my bags and start my explorations, but was pleasantly surprised that my room was ready.

Guest Rooms

While I find most hotel rooms to be pretty boring and similar looking, this is not the case at the rooms with any of the Graduate Hotels.

One detail I love about staying in Graduate Hotels are the room keys. They resemble student ID cards, which is a continuation of the college theme. Each key is meant to be the student ID of a famous alumni from the neighboring college campuses.

I stayed in a standard Graduate King room, which is around 330 square feet. I found it to be plenty spacious. If you need more space, there are a variety of other room types as well.

The rooms are as cute and stylish as the lobby and common spaces downstairs. It carries on the bright colors, the nods to country music, and subtle florals seen in Southern decor. There’s a cool patterned carpet, pink striped wallpaper, and some black accents. You wouldn’t think that all these things go together, but somehow they just work!

The centerpiece of the rooms are the beds, which are draped in a floral canopy. A portrait of a female country star hangs above the bed – Dolly Parton, yes, you might also get Patsy Cline or Tammy Wynette too. The beds are as comfortable as they are cute – I got such great sleep every night!

One thing I also liked about the rooms is that there’s an actual sitting area with a plush armchair and a small table. There’s also a nice-sized desk, which is a plus if you’re needing to get some work done. I also appreciated the number of USB outlets because I had so many things to charge between my phone, camera, and battery pack.

The bathrooms are a contrast to the colorful room, with a black wall, metallic accents, and a black and white patterned tiled floor. The sink is a bit small and lacking in counter space, but it’s a vintage style and looks cool. The showers were awesome, and I enjoyed taking a long shower every night (and washing off all the sweat from the humidity). 

I found that the rooms have windows that let in plenty of natural light. For nighttime, there are full-length blackout curtains. I found that they did a great job blocking out all the light, and the rooms were quiet as well, allowing for a good night of sleep.

Lobby Area

One thing that is standard amongst Graduate Hotels is that their properties feature a large, inviting lobby area. They really emphasize community and collaboration and want people to actually hang out there!

At the Graduate Hotel Nashville, you’ll find plenty of people hanging out in the lobby, whether it’s hotel guests, Vanderbilt students, or the laptop crowd trying to get some work done. They also host popups with local vendors on the weekends.

You’ll also likely come across multiple groups of girls and bachelorette parties trying to snap photos for their Instagram feeds. While I’m all for it and don’t mind at all (hey, I’m into that too!), this can be a turn-off for some people. 

It was relatively chill here during the week, but I imagine that it can get super busy and crowded on the weekends.

I loved the lobby area so much! There are large windows that let in plenty of natural light, there are plenty of colorful decor details, and there’s plenty of tables and seating. I encountered a bit of rain during my trip, so it was nice to be able to go back to the hotel, grab a coffee or glass of wine at the cafe, and just relax and hang out.

I loved the plush pink couches that face the window, in front of Poindexter Cafe. There’s also a black and gold carpet with a star print, which is a nod to the stars on the Tennessee state flag. Circular lamps hang overhead. I really loved the combination of pink, black, gold, and the stars – it was so fun!

I also love the tiered sitting area, with a bunch of couches in an eclectic mix of colors and patterns. This is inspired by the fact that many musicians have to sleep on couches while on tour, on their journeys before making it big. 

Behind this sitting area are colorful pop art pieces with the Taco Bell and Checkers logo. This seems pretty random, right? Well, even these have a very particular purpose – this is a nod to the fact that these establishments once stood here before the hotel was built.

Across from this is a long communal table with chairs. Above this, you’ll see lamps that kinda look like umbrellas. These are actually southern hoop skirts that are worn at debutante balls – another cool design detail inspired by the city’s Southern culture.

Poindexter Coffee

Another feature that you’ll see across all Graduate properties is Poindexter Coffee. Each of the cafes has a cool-looking counter that’s decorated with sharpened pencils in their respective colleges’ school colors.

At Poindexter, you’ll find a menu of espresso drinks and drip coffee, tea, and breakfast items. In the afternoon, they serve wine as well. I had coffee here each morning, and I found it up to my standards, even as a coffee snob.

There’s plenty of seating surrounding Poindexter where you can enjoy your coffee. You can carry it into the lobby or your room as well. I loved the floral prints and the hanging plants, along with the black, white, and metallic accents. It’s a really pretty space!

White Limozeen

White Limozeen is the Graduate Nashville’s flagship bar and restaurant, located on the top floor. It’s quickly gained popularity to become one of the most popular bars and restaurants in the city. Reservations are a must here!

Snagging a reservation here can be tricky. Reservations become available 2 weeks ahead at 6pm CST on Resy. There is a limit of 7 people for booking online; if your party has more people, you need to submit an event request.

I suggest at least going up for a drink at the bar, as it’s such a unique spot! Do note that it does get pretty busy up there. If you can’t make a reservation, I recommend trying to get in as soon as they open. Otherwise, the wait may be up to 3 hours.

The vibes are high at White Limozeen, and as with the rest of the hotel, the decor here is the highlight. It almost looks like pink threw up in here, and everything is so over the top. There’s tons of plush couches, chandeliers, and quirky paintings. The theme here is kinda like Barbie pink meets Dolly Parton. It’s so fun and unique!

Outside is just as fun and pink! There are pink couches, and pink fringed umbrellas. There’s also a giant Dolly Parton bust here, which makes a fun photo op! 

Unfortunately, I encountered some bad daytime weather and didn’t really get to check it out in the daytime. But I got a peek at night when I dined here, and there were some amazing city views!

White Limozeen is open for dinner 7 days a week, and brunch on Fridays-Sundays. 

The menu features homestyle-meets-traditional French cuisine. I’m always skeptical of food at these sorts of Instagram-worthy restaurants, because they usually are so focused on the atmosphere and not so much the food.

However, I was pleasantly surprised – the food was actually delicious! I ordered the mussels and the sauce was perfectly buttery and garlicky. I soaked up every last bit with a side of fries. 

The cocktails here are every bit as fun as the bar itself. The drinks are, well, kinda girly here, which goes with the pink, feminine theme. I ordered the Another Day in Paradise, which was basically like a pina colada with passion fruit. Sadly, it’s no longer available, but there are lots of other yummy cocktails on the menu!

Between the fun cocktails, pink decor, and the vibes, this is definitely a fun spot for bachelorettes, or dinner/brunch with the girls. I still enjoyed my solo dinner, but I definitely want to come back someday with a group of girlfriends!

Governor’s Pool

Attached to White Limozeen is the Governor’s Pool, which is open in the summer months. The rooftop pool area has a similar decor theme seen throughout the rest of the property, with pink umbrellas and daybeds in a retro floral print.

Reservations are essential and can be made on Resy. Pool access is rather expensive – it starts at $65 per person for a lounge chair on weekdays, and up to $85 for a daybed on the weekends. There is a 3 hour time limit. It includes a welcome drink and a $25 credit to White Limozeen, but everything else is an additional cost.

One thing to note is that the pool isn’t included as a hotel amenity. Rather, it is a part of White Limozeen. However, by staying at the hotel, you do get priority access to the pool. Access is reserved for hotel guests on Monday-Thursday between 8-11 am.

You do still have to make a reservation, but since the pool is popular, this is a nice perk.

Cross-Eyed Critters

Cross-Eyed Critters is a karaoke bar, in which animatronic animals dance with you on stage while you sing! 

While Cross-Eyed Critters wasn’t open during my stay, I got to take a peek of it and I thought it looked so fun! It looks like something straight from a Disneyland ride – I mean, dancing animals?! This is totally not your standard, run-of-the-mill karaoke bar!

It’s got a very different vibe than White Limozeen, and offers a completely different experience. While White Limozeen is pink and glamorous, Cross-Eyed Critters is divey, kitschy, and Western. 

But one thing that stays the same is that every last detail is thought out carefully, from the portraits of famous musicians on the wall, to the cowboy boots on the wall that spell out “these” (for “these boots were made for dancing”).

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Pros and Cons of Staying at the Graduate Nashville


  • The decor!  I’ve said this many, many times throughout this Graduate Nashville review, but the decor is so unique and unlike any other hotel. It truly is its biggest selling point!
  • It’s fun! It really is such a fun experience to stay at this hotel. It’s the perfect home base for a fun weekend getaway or girls’ trip.
  • Hangouts spots and common spaces: Between the lobby, Poindexter Coffee, White Limozeen, and Cross Eyed Critters, there are plenty of fun places to hang out in!
  • Comfortable, spacious rooms: The standard rooms had plenty of space, with a sitting area, desk, and comfortable bed. They were also quiet and the blackout curtains blocked out all the city lights, allowing for a good night of sleep.


  • Pool requires reservations: I also thought it was a bit expensive, especially since you’re only allowed a 3 hour time slot.
  • Room rates can be expensive: Rooms start in the $200 range midweek and in the offseason, but can climb to almost $500 a night on busy weekends.
  • No self-parking: This is not a big deal if you’re flying to Nashville, but the $55/night valet charge is a bit steep  

More About the Graduate Hotel in Nashville

About Graduate Hotels

The Graduate Hotels brand is a unique concept, opening boutique properties in college towns across the US and UK.

Their idea was to bring hip, stylish places to stay to these towns, instead of your standard, run-of-the-mill hotels. Each of their properties feature cool decor details that infuse the personality and culture of the college campuses and the surrounding communities. As a result, each of their hotels have a completely different look and feel.

They started off with two hotels in 2014 (Athens, GA and Tempe, AZ), and have since grown to nearly 40 locations. In spring 2024, they were acquired under the Hilton Tapestry Collection brand.

Quick Facts

  • Hotel Website: Graduate Nashville
  • Address: 101 20th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37203
  • Class: ****
  • Number of rooms: 205
  • Room types: Graduate King, Graduate Queen Queen, Graduate Corner King, Graduate Two Twin Beds, Graduate Nashville Duet Two Bedroom, Graduate Junior King Suite, Graduate King Suite, Family Suite, 9 to 5 Suite, Graduate King Accessible, Graduate Queen Queen Accessible
  • Property Amenities: White Limozeen bar + restaurant (w/ priority status on waitlist), rooftop pool (w/ reservations at an additional charge), Poindexter cafe, Cross-Eyed Critters karaoke bar, fitness center (w/ Peloton bikes), lobby area w/ ample seating, free Wifi, free bike rentals, dry cleaning, laundry, welcome drink upon check-in
  • Room amenities: Serta Premium Plush mattresses, HDTV, mini fridge, desk + workstation, iron + ironing board, hair dryer, in-room safe, Malin + Goetz toiletries, Coava coffee + coffee maker, complimentary RightWater, in-room wifi, USB outlets, in-stay texting for room requests, daily housekeeping
  • Room service: No
  • Check-in: 4pm (early check-in available for an additional cost)
  • Check-out: 11am (late check-out available for an additional cost)
  • Amenity fee: $20
  • Parking: Valet ($55/night, $65/night for oversized)
  • Pets? Ok with $75/night fee

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After reading this Graduate Nashville review, would you stay there? Why or why not?

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