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Best Nashville Instagram Spots: 27 Instagrammable Nashville Murals, Photo Spots and More!

From colorful murals, glitzy neon signs, trendy cafes, and fascinating historical sites, there are so many fun Nashville Instagram spots.

I’ve always been intrigued by Nashville and it had always been on my bucket list, and I finally went and loved it! While it is known as a party town (kinda like Las Vegas and New Orleans) and that’s not exactly my scene anymore (hey, I’m old now after all), I loved all the vibrant murals everywhere, and the hipster vibe.

It’s such a fun destination for a girls’ weekend or a bachelorette trip!

There were so many amazing Nashville photo spots everywhere, and I couldn’t stop snapping photos! I only had 2 days there, but I wish I had more, because there were so many more cool murals + other fun spots that I wanted to hit up.

If you’re planning to visit Nashville and love taking photos, then you are in for a treat! Here are all the best Instagram spots in the city, from the best Nashville murals, coolest coffee shops, and other photogenic locations.

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Planning a Nashville Murals Tour

Doing a tour of Nashville murals and Instagram spots is a fun activity to add to your itinerary! I’ve listed all the Nashville photo spots I mention on this map, so you can easily plan your own tour.

Most of the places on this list are relatively walkable from each other (FYI – going from downtown to the West End is about 1.5 miles, or a 30 minute walk). For areas outside this radius, I was easily able to get to those spots via Uber/Lyft.

Fun a fun activity, consider doing this Nashville Instagram tour, which takes you to some of the places listed here (plus other Nashville murals) in a golf cart, along with commentary from a local guide! This would be a fun excursion on a girls’ trip or bachelorette party as well.

Best Nashville Instagram Spots: Instagrammable Nashville Murals + More!

Most Instagrammable Nashville Murals in 12 South

The 12 South neighborhood was perhaps my most favorite area to explore in the city, simply because of the abundance of amazing Nashville murals that exist everywhere you look! 

You’ll find some of the most iconic Nashville Instagram spots, as well as some other colorful gems. In addition, there are tons of fun boutiques, cafes, restaurants, and bars here – I definitely suggest spending an entire afternoon exploring this entire area!

Here are some of my most favorite Nashville murals in 12 South:

I Believe in Nashville

Perhaps one of the most iconic sights in all of the city, theis famous mural is one of the best places to take pictures in Nashville, and snapping a photo with it is a must! 

It’s a perfect backdrop for any kind of shot you want to take – solo shots, couples shots, families, with your friends, and more and the perfect way to document any Nashville trip.

The emblem from the mural, which was designed by local artist Adrien Sporiti in 2012, was originally painted to symbolize the city’s resiliency, strength, and ability to come together. It has since been plastered on anything and everything from T-shirts, postcards, shot glasses, and more. 

I suggest coming in the morning, or late in the afternoon for the best lighting, and to avoid unflattering shadows. Unfortunately, I only had time to come midday, however, I got lucky because there were periods of cloud cover which allowed for even lighting – yay! Be careful when jumping into the middle of the alley to frame your shot, because there can sometimes be cars passing through.

You could wear almost whatever you want (maybe avoid bold prints though), but wouldn’t it be fun if you wore an outfit with some fun cowboy boots you picked up in the city?

The I Believe in Nashville mural on 12 South is the original, but there is actually a second version as well. If you want to find the second mural, you can find it at Marathon Music Works, located about a mile from the State Capitol.

ADDRESS: 2702 12th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37204

Blue + White Striped Mural

Right across the alley from the I Believe in Nashville mural is this pretty wall with blue and white stripes, which also makes a perfect backdrop for all of your Instagram photos.

I love the simplicity of this one, because the possibilities are endless for your photos, which makes it one of the best Nashville picture spots! I’ve seen so many different versions of photos with this wall, and I love them all.

You can play around with focal length and how far away you take the photos from here (close up, wide angle, portraits, etc.) as well as the angle (straight on, from the side, etc), which makes it one of the most fun Nashville photo spots – you can let your creativity run free.

The simplicity of this wall means that you basically can almost wear anything you want without competing with the mural! One of the most perfect Nashville murals because of it,

Like the I Believe in Nashville wall (as well as most of the rest of the Nashville murals on 12 South that I list here), try to avoid midday if you can to eliminate harsh shadows. 

ADDRESS: 2608 12th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37204

Draper James Floral Mural

Located right next to the blue and white stripe mural, this beautiful mural just exudes southern charm and is one of the prettiest Nashville Instagram spots!

The floral mural is in pretty shades of blue, and is painted in front of the original location of Draper James, Reese Witherspoon’s clothing boutique that is inspired by classic southern style.

There’s a white bench in front of it, perfect for posing for your Instagram shots. Take photos straight on, or sitting to the side, with your girlfriends, or with your significant other…there are lots of options here making it one of the most perfect Nashville photoshoot locations!

I’d suggest wearing something solid color or with a subtle print so as to not contrast too much with the florals and the blue. Something pastel looks super lovely in front of this mural!

ADDRESS: 2608 12th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37204

Looking Pretty Music City

This is another one of those Nashville murals that is perfect for documenting your trip, whether it’s a solo trip, couples trip, or a getaway with your girlfriends (it’s a perfect backdrop for those bachelorette party photos too!).

Designed by Emily Eisenhart and Eastside Murals, this wall is located on the side of the Madewell building and features bright, happy colors and whimsy motifs, making it one one of the best Nashville Instagram spots!

It’s pretty wide horizontally, so your best to capture as much of the design as possible is to shoot it from the side. You can try to photograph it from across the street as well. If you only want to include part of the design, like just the text or the motifs, then you can also shoot straight on as well. 

Because this mural has pretty simple, solid shapes in the design, you can pretty much get away with wearing anything you want to take photos in front of it! Neutrals (especially white) will stand out against it, but I think that wearing a bright color will coordinate perfectly and look really fun against the colors in the mural.

As I keep saying, avoiding the mid-afternoon hours will yield you the best lighting here, but if you can’t avoid it then so be it – it’s still worth it so you can snap photos at one of the best Nashville picture spots.

ADDRESS: 2705 12th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37204

Flowers mural

You’ll find this cute floral mural just about a block down the street from the Looking Pretty Music City wall. The artist of the mural is unknown, but the flowers mural appears on the south side of the United Apparel Liquidators building. 

This vibrant mural will make you feel like you’re frolicking in a field of colorful wildflowers, making it one of the best Nashville photo spots! Upon closer look of the mural, you can see the detail and the brushstrokes of the design, which really makes you see how whimsical it is.

You can photograph this mural in so many different ways, which truly makes it one of the best places to take pictures in Nashville. I love the bit of femininity it adds, but it can also just serve as a colorful backdrop for your vibrant photos!

Play around with different angles and focal lengths here, from close-ups to wide angle shots. While I wanted to capture a good number of the flowers in my shots, I also saw some beautiful portraits from a local photographer who had the subject stand just a bit in front of the wall and then had the mural be a blurred bokeh background – it was such a pretty effect!

The flowers can look a bit busy as a backdrop, so I suggest wearing solid colors or very subtle prints (small polka dots, subtle stripes, etc). White would look really awesome against the flowers, as will pastels. For some fun shots, bring a bouquet of flowers to use as a prop.

Avoiding the midday hours will, again, help you avoid super harsh shadows. I had to deal with them here and I love these shots, but avoid them if you can help it!

ADDRESS: 2900 12th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37204

Nashville Looks Good on You

This minimalistic mural makes a bold statement – “Nashville looks good on you” – and is perfect for all your vacation photos from Music City.

The slogan and design was created by nash.TN, a local designer, to capture the city’s artistic movement and creative spirit. It also appears on lots of merchandise and souvenirs throughout the city, from T-shirts, postcards, hats, posters, mugs, and more.

You’ll have so much fun looking good and shooting in front of this mural, one of the most Instagrammable places in Nashville. It’s simple but packs a lot of punch! Have fun dressing up, dressing down, throwing on any kind of outfit you want – the simplicity lends itself to photograph well with almost anything! Don’t go too busy though, because it might clash a bit with the boldness of the text.

This is a fun mural to photograph with groups, although I enjoyed shooting with it just by myself! It would make a cute couples photo backdrop as well.

This mural is located in a parking lot behind the Frothy Monkey. You wouldn’t know it is here, because it is hidden away from all the other murals that are on 12 South. 

I came here midday and there were shadows cast from the trees in the lot, however, in this case it worked out in my favor! It added just enough of a shaded part in front of the wall so I was able to get lighting. I know someone who came after breakfast though and she said the lighting was atrocious. Closer to sunset would make an ideal time to shoot here as well.

ADDRESS: 2511 12th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37204

Best Nashville Murals in the Gulch

What Lifts You Wings

This beautiful wings mural by popular muralist Kelsey Montague has become one of the most popular Nashville photo spots since it was painted in 2016.

The renowned wings exploded to fame and became one of the most well-known Nashville photoshoot spots after Taylor Swift (who kickstarted her country music career here) posted a photo with one of Montague’s works. The wings and the #whatliftsyou have been very popular since then!

The mural is meant to encapsulate the spirit of the city into its wings – since Nashville is known for its music scene, you’ll see motifs such as guitars and music notes embedded into the wings if you look at them closely. 

You’ll usually find a line of people waiting to snap a photo with the wings, but it is worth it to be able to photograph one of the most well-known Nashville murals. I’d suggest coming earlier in the day to avoid crowds and waiting for too long (and for the best lighting). For reference, I came on a Wednesday morning around 10am, and while there were a few people taking photos here, it wasn’t too bad. I imagine it is much more crowded on the weekends.

Because the wall is black and white, wear something that will help you stand out against it. Wearing a lighter, brighter color will help you pop, as will white. I’d recommend against wearing busy patterns as well, since there is a lot of detail in the wings.

Just next to the mural is a smaller set of wings, which is perfect for taking photos of children and pets.

ADDRESS: 302 11th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37203

Nashville Walls Project

Just down the street from the What Lifts You Wings, you will find the giant, colorful mural that is part of the Nashville Walls project.

Adorned with bold geometric shapes and patterns as well as bright colors, this mural by Jason Woodside is one of the best places to take pictures in Nashville and to add a bit of color and fun into your photos!

You can play around with different ways to capture this giant mural, whether you shoot a close-up portrait, or try to capture it in its entirety (or as much of it as you can!) – your subject can be a tiny speck against the bold patterns, which can be a fun shot!

Coming in the morning or late afternoon (or on a cloudy day) will help you take the best shots, as you’ll have less shadows which can be very distracting when the design is already so bold.

A simple outfit – a solid or a subtle pattern – so that you can stand against all of the different patterns. Although, I ended up wearing a colorful striped dress to this wall, and I kinda love how it looked against all the color!

There is a second mural by Ian Ross right next to this as well, for another cool photo op.

ADDRESS: 299 11th Avenue S, Nashville, TN 37203

Candy Hearts at Finnleys

These adorable candy hearts are located in front of the Finnleys clothing store and is one of the best Nashville Instagram spots for photos with your gal pals! They are especially fun for bachelorette photos (one of the hearts even says “back please”), but also are awesome for solo shots and even couples photos.

The colorful hearts have various sayings in them, from “cheers, y’all,” “hello gorgeous,” “we’re going shopping,” and more. Some of the sayings are super sassy, like “thank u, next” and “get in, loser.”

Since there are parking spaces right in front of the wall, I’d suggest coming either before or after store hours so you can get the best shots. I came sometime in the afternoon and there were cars parked right in front of it, so I had to shoot from some really awkward angles. Still thought the photos were cute, though!

ADDRESS: 601 8th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37203 

Other Noteworthy Nashville Murals

It’s Gonna be OK

This giant mural by Sarah Tate is a beautiful symbol of staying positive during bleak times, and makes a powerful statement in your Instagram photos.Just seeing the happy colors and the whimsical motifs and text will help lift your spirits and put you in a better mood, making this one of the best Nashville picture spots.

Keep in mind that this mural is HUGE – I’m talking 75 feet! It is difficult to capture it in its entirety with a straight on angle, unless you run into the middle of the street. However, the mural is located on a busy street so that is definitely not recommended! The street is also pretty wide, so trying to capture it from across the street isn’t the easiest either, unless you have a zoom lens.

Therefore, you’re gonna have to play around with angles here! I shot it from the side, including both the sentiment and the floral motifs.

Because there is so much white space on the mural, I suggest wearing something with a bit of color (perhaps matching the ones in the design) to help you pop against it.

The whole street is lined with super cool murals, so you can spend a bit of time capturing them all! However, the shadows were harsh when I was here (again, try to come when the sun is lower in the sky), so I opted to just snap a photo with this one and not with the rest.

ADDRESS: 3020 Charlotte Ave, Nashville, TN 37209 

Nashville Like Never Before 

You’ll find this colorful Nashville Like Never Before mural by artist Nathan Brown near the parking garage of Fifth + Broadway, an outdoor mall downtown with lots of cool shops, restaurants (including some of the most popular in the city!), a food hall, and more.

Do note that because the mural is located near the parking garage, it is in a shaded area. Coming when the sun is at its brightest, like in the middle of the afternoon, might have the best chance of getting just a bit of natural light in here, but otherwise lighting can be a bit on the darker side. It’s still worth snapping a photo here because this is one of the most colorful Nashville murals!

This mural is done in Brown’s signature style, with geometric shapes and bright colors, in a gradient style. 

There is a second mural by Brown at the Patagonia store in the Gulch (not too far from the What Lifts You Up mural), and a third in front of the flagship location of Five Points Pizza in East Nashville.

ADDRESS: 5036 Broadway Pl, Nashville, TN 37203

Most Instagram Worthy Nashville Cafes, Restaurants, and Bars

Pinewood Social

One of the most iconic hangouts in Nashville, Pinewood Social is a restaurant, cafe, bowling alley, entertainment venue, coworking space, and craft cocktail bar. It’s one of the most popular brunch spots in Nashville, and very much worth a stop on any Nashville itinerary!

The blue neon sign in scripty font above the bowling lanes here oozes retro vibes and makes this one of the most Instagrammable places in Nashville! Even years ago, way before I knew much about Nashville, when I saw photos of the bowling alley here, I knew that I’d have to come someday and I finally did!

Grab a group of friends, have brunch, play some rounds of bowling, and snap some photos for a fun time! I was here by myself though, so I settled for an iced latte in the cafe and this photo of just the bowling alley.

I imagine it gets busy on the weekends and in the evenings, but I came on an afternoon during the week and it was pretty empty (although the cafe and restaurant were still pretty busy), so this would be the best time for photos.

ADDRESS: 33 Peabody St, Nashville, TN 37210 

White Limozeen

Located on top of the Graduate Hotel (more on that later), this Dolly Parton-themed restaurant and rooftop bar is one of the trendiest spots in Nashville, as well as one of the most photogenic!

Everything here is super pink, bold, and over-the-top, much like Dolly herself! You’ll find plenty of photo-worthy details here, from the plus chairs, extravagant chandeliers, bold paintings, hot pink pink chaises and scalloped umbrellas, making this one of the top Nashville Instagram spots.

There’s even a giant chicken wire sculpture of Dolly outside (sadly, it rained while I was there so I couldn’t snap photos of it). Plus, there are some amazing views of the city!

This is such a fun spot for a night out (or brunch) with your girlfriends, and is an especially popular spot for bachelorette parties (I saw no less than three bachelorette groups while I was there). There’s also a rooftop pool, which you can rent out as well.

White Limozeen is one of the trendiest spots in Nashville, so in order to experience it, you are going to have to make reservations well in advance! Book an earlier time slot so that you can catch it relatively empty to take photos. You won’t want to miss it – this is definitely one of the best places to take pictures in Nashville!

ADDRESS: 101 20th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37203

Five Daughters Bakery

If you know me, you know that there are two ways to my heart – colorful murals + yummy desserts. This location of Five Daughters Bakery in the 12 South area has both, therefore it was one of my favorite places in Nashville!

They are known for the pink and teal “I Heart Donuts” mural right next to the entrance, which is the perfect way to show your love for donuts! There’s also an adorable umbrella and sprinkles mural on the side of the building, and some donuts painted on the fence – some of the cutest Nashville Instagram spots around.

Absolutely do not miss sampling at least one (preferably a few) of the donuts here! I’m always skeptical of cute places like this because a lot of the time the food itself is mediocre, but I was super impressed with the donuts here, especially the 100 layer donuts (which are like a cronut). Sooooo good!

The murals are perfect for snapping a photo with your donut, or just the donut itself. There’s also some benches in front of the building so you can take photos sitting on them, or standing up – the choice is yours.

I had to come in the afternoon, but I would avoid it if you can because my photos have so many harsh shadows.

ADDRESS: 1110 Caruthers Ave, Nashville, TN 37204

Three Brothers Coffee

This adventure-inspired coffee shop located in the West End, near Vanderbilt University, has a cool patterned alcove area, making it one of the best Nashville photo spots

There are tribal inspired motifs painted onto the walls on the alcove (they almost remind me of hieroglyphics), which make a super fun backdrop!

The alcove is located outside on the street. It looks a little bit dingy, but I thought it added a bit of a cool grungy look to my photos.

ADDRESS: 2813 West End Ave, Nashville, TN 37203

Barista Parlor

Barista Parlor is highly regarded as one of the best coffee shops in town, as well as one of the best Nashville picture spots.

They have several locations throughout the city and all are very aesthetically pleasing and perfect for photos, but I loved the one in the Gulch/Golden Sound. This one has a cool pastel blue and white exterior that is just made for photos!

I think it would be really fun to wear a nautical-themed outfit or stripes to snap a photo here to go along with the theme. It’s also the perfect backdrop for taking photos of your latte art (please tell me I’m not the only one who does this every time I get a coffee?).

ADDRESS: 610 Magazine St, Nashville, TN 37203

Hampton Social

One of the cutest restaurants in town, perfect for a girls’ brunch or a bachelorette party! Hampton Social is definitely a vibe, which means it’s perfect for taking cute photos.

I loved the Hampton Social in Chicago, so I was excited to see that there was a location in Nashville as well. Unfortunately, I only had time to snap a quick photo of this wall as I was walking by, which would make a perfect backdrop for a group photo with all your gals!

Also don’t miss posing under the cute “Rosé All Day” neon sign (preferably while sipping on a glass of rosé  or even frosé !).

ADDRESS: 201 1st Ave S, Nashville, TN 37201

Biscuit Love

Biscuit Love is one of the most popular restaurants in Nashville, usually with a line out the door. One bite into that perfectly flaky, perfectly buttery biscuit and it’s easy to see why – it’s a damn good biscuit (it’s known as one of the best in the country).

There are two locations of Biscuit Love – one in the Gulch, and one in Hillsboro. The one in the Gulch is known to be less crowded (and super close to a bunch of other places to take pictures in Nashville).

Obviously, you should snap a photo of your meal to make your followers drool, but both locations have cute decor as well – the highlight being a neon sign that says Nashville at the Gulch location, and Music City at the Hillsboro outpost.

316 11th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37203 (Gulch)
2001 Belcourt Ave, Nashville, TN 37212 (Hillsboro)

Hattie B’s Hot Chicken

Nashville is a city known for its hot chicken, and Hattie B’s has one of the best – it was my favorite meal during my stay!You’ll find locations all over the city (and even beyond – there’s even an outpost in Las Vegas!), but some are more photogenic than others. The Hattie B’s on Charlotte Avenue has a fun chicken mural outside, and the Fifth + Broadway location also has one inside the restaurant, both of which make for some fun photos.

Even if you don’t visit one of these two locations (I didn’t and ended up going to one near my hotel), you definitely must stop by one of the others and snap a photo of your food for your Instagram feed – you’ll make everyone hungry!

5209 Charlotte Ave, Nashville, TN 37209 (Charlotte Ave)
5069 Broadway Pl Suite A-103, Nashville, TN 37203 (Fifth + Broadway)
More locations here.

Nashville Photo Spots: Tourist Hotspots + Landmarks

Broadway Street/Honky Tonk Highway

One of the most iconic sights in the city, the stretch of Broadway Street nicknamed the “Honky Tonk Highway” is also one of the best places to take pictures in Nashville.

This infamous area is known for its nightlife, with tons of bars and honky tonks lining the street. Even if it’s not quite your scene (it’s definitely not mine), you still have to stop in a few honky tonks to experience them – kinda like you have to go to Bourbon Street when you go to New Orleans. Definitely do a pub crawl here for a fun evening out!

What makes the Honky Tonk Highway one of the best Nashville photography locations is all of the neon signs that line the street – they make for some super fun photos!

Do note that the street gets super busy, especially at night and on the weekends. The best time to photograph the neon signs is at night, although this is when the area is at its busiest. It might be difficult to capture a good photo with not much background clutter, however, you can still photograph the signs at night!

For photos with you in them, coming in the morning or afternoon would be much better. Even though the signs won’t be lit up, the vibrant colors of them still make some fun shots! There will probably be people walking up and down the street and stumbling in and out of bars in the daytime, but it will not be nearly as crowded as in the evenings – not even close.

You’ll also find a ton of fun rooftop bars along this strip, which have some amazing views of downtown and the city.

ADDRESS: Broadway from Second to Fifth, Nashville, TN 37203

Printer’s Alley

The historic Printer’s Alley is one of the coolest Nashville photo spots, and a vibrant reminder of the city’s past. As its name implies, the alley was once home to 10 printers and 13 publishers, including The Tennessean and The Nashville Banner, two of the city’s largest newspapers.

The Printer’s Alley of today is much different than its heyday back in the early 1900s, and is  now a nightlife hub, lined with many bars and clubs. It’s also known as the place that helped launch the careers of many well-known musicians, including Hank Williams, Jimi Hendrix, and the Supremes.

This is one of the most Instagrammable places in Nashville because of the combination of brick, vibrant neon signs, and the twinkling string lights that hang above the alley. It makes for some really awesome photos!

For some fun shots, shoot at a wide aperture (low F stop) or on portrait mode to create some bokeh in the background – the twinkly lights look super cool that way! For reference, I took photos with my 50mm lens at f1.8.

The arch and sign at the entrance of the alley is also a great spot for photos as well!

ADDRESS: Printers Alley (Union St to Church St, between 3rd and 4th), Nashville, TN 37201

John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge

For amazing views of the Nashville skyline, head on over to the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge, which stands across the Cumberland River and connects Downtown Nashville to Nissan Stadium. Spanning over 3500 feet, it’s actually one of the longest pedestrian bridges in the world!

It is one of the most popular Nashville Instagram spots at sunset, so try to come photograph it during then for some especially amazing shots.

Even if you cannot come during sunset, you’ll still be able to capture some awesome photos of the city skyline and waterfront. The bridge itself makes for some cool photos too, so be sure to snap some walking on the bridge as well!

I was a little bit confused as to where to get on the bridge and was circling around a bit to find it. The entrance is on Third Avenue S, so look for the entrance there.

ADDRESS: Nashville, TN 37213

The Parthenon

Located in Centennial Park, the Parthenon is one of the most beautiful (yet seemingly random) Nashville photo spots. Built in Tennessee’s 1897 Centennial Exposition, the Parthenon is a full-scale replica of the original in Athens, and is an art museum showcasing 19th and 20th century American paintings.

Definitely capture photos of the building in its entirety – it’s pretty impressive, and you’ll swear you’ve transported yourself to Greece! I loved getting some shots with the columns as well.

I came in the morning around 10am, but I imagine it would look amazing during sunrise or sunset, with the golden rays of light hitting the grandness of the building.

This would make a stunning backdrop for taking photos in formal attire as well

ADDRESS: 2500 West End Ave, Nashville, TN 37203

Ryman Auditorium

The historic Ryman Auditorium is known as one of the most celebrated venues in modern music, and is most famous for being the home of the Grand Ole Opry from 1943 to 1974.

It belongs on this list of places to take pictures in Nashville because of the vibrantly colored stained glass windows that surround the building. Definitely photograph them from the inside while touring the auditorium – they would make for some fun silhouette photos! – but they look super cool from the outside as well.

ADDRESS: 116 5th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37219 

Most Instagrammable Nashville Hotel

Graduate Hotel

There are many amazing places to stay in Nashville, but if you’re looking for a hotel that both has amazing hospitality AND is Instagrammable, then the Graduate Nashville is hands-down your best bet!

I first found out about the Graduate Hotels brand when looking at places to stay in Tempe, Arizona, and while I didn’t stay at that one, I’ve stayed at a few of their properties since (Seattle, Berkeley, and of course, Nashville), and have loved every single one of them!

Graduate Hotels are located in college towns, and each have a hip, boutiquey vibe with design touches that are inspired by the universities in each of their locations (in Nashville’s case, Vanderbilt). The Nashville location is one of the most Instagrammable, with decor inspired by southern charm, making it one of the best Nashville photo spots!

It’s one of the cutest pink hotels looooooved all the pink everywhere, especially in the guest rooms, which are also inspired by Dolly Parton. Each of the beds has a really pretty canopy, and a portrait of Dolly hanging right above it! I definitely had a little photo shoot right after checking in.

Even if you don’t stay at the hotel, you absolutely must head over to the Graduate to check out their lobby! Each and every detail of the lobby and common areas is an absolute feast for the eyes, making the hotel one of the top Nashville Instagram spots. 

I loved the couches near the front desk, right after you walk in, with seed packets on the wall. You’ll also find a collection of couches in vintage prints further down into the lobby, with colorful Art Deco Taco Bell posters on the wall, which makes some fun shots! There is also a super pretty sitting area/atrium right behind the Poindexter, the in-house cafe. Also check out the plush pink couches near the window, and the star-print carpet.

ADDRESS: 101 20th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37203


Even More Places to Take Pictures in Nashville

Grace’s Alley

I stumbled upon Grace’s Alley while wandering around the Gulch and immediately had to stop to snap some photos. I loved the brick buildings and the brightly colored planters here!

There are also some string lights and cute banners hanging above it as well – they change from time to time, and make for some adorable seasonally-inspired shots (I went in May and loved the spring-y banners).

ADDRESS: 501 12th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37203

Amelia’s Flower Truck

This adorable flower truck is technically not a location since it moves around every day, but wherever it is that day ends up being one of the top Nashville Instagram spots. There’s nothing like colorful flowers and a fun vintage truck for some cute photos.

I happened to find it when walking around the 12 South neighborhood, and thought it was such a perfect location for it!

You can see where the truck will be every day here. They also have an actual storefront located in L&L Market on Charlotte Avenue.

ADDRESS: Changes daily – see here for schedule.

Have you been to Nashville? What are some of your favorite Nashville Instagram spots?

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