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While Grand Canyon National Park draws millions of visitors each year, few of those visitors visit the North Rim.  Yet, the Grand Canyon North Rim feels like a hidden gem, and is well worth visiting.

When to Visit

Because of its higher level, the Grand Canyon North Rim experiences winter weather. Therefore, the park is not open year-round. The opening dates usually run mid-May until mid-October.


The Grand Canyon North Rim sits on the northwest corner of Arizona. It is 80 miles from Kanab, Utah, and is an ideal stop on an itinerary that also includes Zion and Bryce Canyon.

Why the North Rim?

The Grand Canyon North Rim only receives 10% of the park's 6 milllion visitors, so there are no crowds. It's also 1000 feet higher in elevation, which means better views and cooler temps.

North Rim Scenic Drive

Driving along the North Rim Scenic Drive will gives you an appreciation of the scenic beauty and remoteness of the park. Be sure to stop at the viewpoints and pullouts.

Cape Royal

Cape Royal sits on the southernmost point of the Grand Canyon North Rim – because of this, this is the closest thing you get to a total panoramic view.

Point Imperial

Standing at 8803 feet, Point Imperial is the highest point in the entire Grand Canyon National Park. It is also the northernmost overlook, which gives you a different perspective than other viewpoints.

Bright Angel Point

Hands-down the most popular of the things to do at Grand Canyon North Rim, because it is where you will find those classic North Rim views. It is also easily accessible from the visitors center.