Why you need to visit + travel tips


Yosemite National Park is one of the most beautiful places to visit in California in the fall. While incredible any time of year, the park is especially stunning against a backdrop of red and orange.

Why visit Yosemite in fall?

Not only is the cooler weather better for hiking, the crowds die down as well. Plus, the valley transforms into vibrant shades of red and orange - a stunning sight!

Fall Weather in Yosemite

Average highs/lows for the fall: September: 84 F/ 50 F October: 72 F / 41 F November: 57 F / 32 F

When to see foliage

The best month to visit Yosemite and see foliage is in October. Leaves usually haven't turned in September, and November is a gamble because there may be snow.

Where to see fall colors

The best things to do in Yosemite to see fall foliage is to hike the Valley Loop Trail, and the Sentinel Meadow/Cook's Meadow Loop.

Are reservations required?

Park reservations are only required through September 30 if visiting between 6am and 4pm. If visiting in October or November, they are not necessary.