From croissants, macarons, eclairs, and choux a la creme, French pastries are some of the finest - and Paris has some of the best. Check out this story for where to find the best pastries in Paris!

This place is famed for have some of the best Paris desserts, with eclairs that are works of art - that taste even better than they look!

Known to have some of the best croissants in Paris - perfectly buttery, and sooo flaky!

Specializing in choux a la creme (one of the trendiest Paris desserts), Popelini is known for these bite-sized morsels of cream-filled heaven!

Angelina is world-famous for its decadent drinking chocolate, but they are known to have some of the best French pastries as well.

One of the most iconic boulangerieity, Du Pain et des Idées is best known for its Escargot, widely regarded as one of the best pastries in Paris.

Located on one of the prettiest streets in the city, Odette is known for their colorful, bite-sized choux a la creme, one of the best desserts in Paris.